Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fertility and Infertility ( VIII) in Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

The traditional Chinese medicine has been around over 4000 years long before the existence of western medicine and proven to be one of most effective traditional medicine in treating the unexplained causes of infertility. By diagnosis the underlying causes and treating each woman as an unique entity and the body as a whole. Depending in what have been diagnosed, you may be given advice not to eat some kinds of food which may interfere the normal menstrual cycle and dampen your chance of fertility.

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1. Raw Food Diet in TCM perspective - Can It Be Another Unexplained Cause of Infertility

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4. Raw Food Diet - How It Reduces the Risks of Stroke Caused by the Typical American Diet in Conventional and Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspectives
5. Raw Food Diet & The Typical American Diet- How it Increases Energy In TCM Perpesctive


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E. Fertility and Infertility (V) Infertility Treatment: Herbs, Chinese Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Other Supplements Over counter medication and Diet Article 124- 194??

F. Fertility and Infertility (VI) - Other Causes of Infertility ( New Series Articles )

G. Fertility and Infertility (VII) Fertility Diet ( Diet to Conceive)

H.Fertility and Infertility (VIII) in Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

I. Fertility and Infertility (IX) Overcome Female Infertility -- Menstrual Disorders In Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

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